A.PIOVAN sanfor belt is manufacured with a totally innovative production system. Thanks to this, the belt presents the following benefits:

  • A true ENDLESS rubber belt without a sense of rotation that strikes out the possibility of internal cracks.
  • A particular type of rubber that shows a “gummy” surface with major friction upon fabric assuring a higher shrinkage if compared to current articles on the market under the same parameters. Both its elasticity and high temperature resistance allow it to prolong the gaps between surface grindings;
  • The constant hardness and other mechanical features during the use of the belt guarantee an optimum shrinking action through time;
  • Thanks to a specific production line, according to ISO 9001 rules, a material without hidden defects and impurities has been developed;
  • Our technical innovations and solutions both in the compound and in the production process assure a decidedly superior quality and highly competitive prices.
Inner Development
3962 MM
By requirement (Max 72 MM)
Standard Thickness
67 MM
By requirement (38-42 SH A)
Standard Hardness
38 SH A
Edge Type
  • PIOVAN Standard Edge
By Requirements
Straight Grinded

Parameters to choose before ordering your rubber belt

Rubber Belt Thickness

Standard thickness for denim and fabrics is 67 mm. We suggest not to exceed 71 mm of thickness in order to not increase too much tensions on the belt. For woven and knitted fabrics is available also the 51 mm thickness (for comfit machine).

Rubber Belt Width

To determine a proper belt width (A) we suggest starting from the widest measure of fabric to be shrunk (T), adding 150 mm of overall edge type distance (X), adding also the profile width from the edge (E) (depending on the king of edge preferred it could vary from 12 to 50 mm). In this way you have the correct rubber belt width to purchase. WIDTH (A)=T+150+E. It is advisable to have a minimum distance of belt from cylinder edge of 25 – 30 mm at least, considering its natural swinging.

Rubber Belt Edges

After many years of study we have developed what we think is the best edge
for the sanfor belt. Its roundness both in the upper and lower part allow to
reduce friction of the belt with rollers, to reduce the surface in contact with the
hot roller so at the end to reduce possibility of side cracks.

Rubber Belt Hardness

The standard hardness of the sanfor belt is 38 SH. Depending on customer’s needs, N “harder” version is also available 41-42 SH).

Customer Service and Assistance

A.Piovan supplies guidelines for a correct use and maintenance of the belt together with each belt delivered. We are strongly convinced that a good care of the belt during its working life it’s the best way to improve the belt performance and lifetime. For any question or technical help we have a customer service available, please contact:

The Company:

Since 1979, A.PIOVAN has successfully produced rubber technical components. The company is specialized in the production of endless rubber belts for several manufacturing sectors. The production plant is located in Italy, on a 5900 sqm covered surface, equipped with highly specialized machineries, a state-of-the-art technical department and a laboratory for the quality control.


Corporate’s philosophy:

Our philosophy focuses on the customer’s expectations and requirements, which are the core values of our activity. Thanks to this, we have a continuous evolution and improvement in the performance of our products.

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